Death Stranding just released, but its strange premise is already one step closer to reality., a Chinese food delivery company, has teamed up with ULS Robotics to test out a new wearable exoskeleton that will allow the user to carry much heavier loads than they usually would–much like Death Stranding protagonist Sam Porter Bridges.

News site Sixth Tone has posted footage of the exoskeleton, calling it “straight out of a video game”. You can watch the video below.

This ekoskeleton allows the user to carry weights of up to 50kg (110 pounds) with relative ease, so it’s still some way off of replicating what Sam’s capable of in the game.

Of course, with folks now spending more time inside due to the COVID-19 crisis, the world is looking more and more like Kojima’s game–hopefully the BTs weren’t also an ill portent of some future doom.