It’s been a long week but let’s end on a high note with some more fun, cool, and quirky things from around the video game world. If you’re new to this, Good News Gaming is a show that brings you positive and uplifting stories from gaming, so you can start the weekend with a spring in your step.

This week we’ve got a sweet story about the Fallout 76 community coming together to help one of their own. In the land of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one fan has put together a fake Nintendo Direct that we really wish was real. It’s full of amazing quality of life improvements that the game really needs, so we hope Nintendo is paying attention.

As a fun aside, Facebook has been cracking down on one group that it has identified is talking about “weed.” More specifically, weeds from Animal Crossing, but we all know that Facebook isn’t smart enough to make that distinction. Still, a weird little moment for a bunch of New Horizons fans nevertheless.

We’ve also got a fantastic photography series from Richard Parry, who tears apart video game controllers to give us an up-close look at the innards–it’s really cool. There’s also a video essay about soundtracks in horror games and a canceled Prince of Persia game that has been sitting out in the open for years, going unnoticed–wild.