Westworld is a series that doesn’t shy away from getting weird, but it’s been quite some time since we’ve had something quite as trippy as Season 3, Episode 6, “Decoherence.” This is an episode about people trying to reconcile who they are with who they think they are, who they should be, and who they need to be. If that sounds confusing, we agree and it’s also kind of the point.

Like previous episodes, there’s one key figure anchoring the narrative and this time it’s William (Ed Harris), aka The Man in Black, who is forced to come to terms with the actions he took in previous seasons. He also has to unpack whether his behavior is the result of decisions he chose to make or a pre-determined path he’s on, as well as a hint of that nature versus nurture idea. We thought William might get sidelined after he was committed, but it seems like he’s coming back in a big way.

Maeve (Thandie Newton) also begins putting together a team to oppose Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), but the two also have a chat to try and find some common ground. Sadly, it ends with major losses on both sides, which once again makes the struggle deeply personal. At the heart of it all is Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), who is crossing the line between real and fake, with heartbreaking consequences.

As with every episode, Lucy and Tamoor break it all down, picking apart everything that happens and why it’s important. They also theorize about where the show is going, which is exciting given that there are only a couple of episodes left. If you need to catch-up on our breakdowns, check out the YouTube playlist.